Reggia di Capodimonte

The Royal Palace of Capodimonte was commissioned for the city of Naples, from King Charles III of Bourbon, which sought to embellish it with his vast hunting on the green hill of Capodimonte. The construction of the building, designed by Giovanni Antonio Medrano ...
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Villa Pignatelli

Villa Pignatelli
neoclassical building, now known as Villa Pignatelli, home to the Museum Pigantelli Diego Aragona Cortes, is costruitonel 1826. Since its origin, the pecurialità of this princely residence bind to the taste and prestige ...
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Palazzo Reale

Teatrino di Corte di Palazzo Reale

The "Great Hall" or "Royal Hall" seventeenth-century salon turned into a feast and entertainment with mobile devices, was set up in its present form in 1768 by Ferdinando Fuga. Much damaged by the last war (the time it was repainted in the fifties by imitating...
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